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Since 1980, our renowned cryopreservation center has provided fertility care to patients from around the world. Our trusted approach has helped thousands achieve their goals through donor sperm.
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  • Once forms are completed and payment is made, vials can be shipped out as soon as the next business day (if the order is made before 3pm PT Monday-Wednesday) to be received as soon as the following day (shipping times may vary).

  • This is dependent on vial availability, the location you wish to pick up at and the time of day. We always will try to fulfill a patient request for a same day pick-up if able. To request a same day pick up, please call our office. Rush fees do apply.

  • Donors frozen after 2009 will have Genetic testing, with most having extended genetic testing, infectious disease testing, CMV status, baby pictures, keirsey personality profile, audio clip, handwriting sample, staff impressions, limited adult photos, hobbies, educational background, interests and talents, family medical history. Donors frozen prior to 2009 will have more limited information and are offered to patients at a reduced price.

  • Between 18-39 yo, actively pursuing or obtained a college degree or established in a specialized trade, physically attractive, above average sperm parameters, negative infectious disease testing results, screened and approved extended genetic testing, psychological testing, background check, family medical history, pleasing personality characteristics, empathetic, altruistic.

  • Yes, our sister company, Family Fertility Cryobank, offers a variety of long term storage options for all types of reproductive tissue including donor sperm vials. Our sister company, FFCB, is owned and operated by Sperm Bank Inc. and resides in the same locations.

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