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At The Fertility Center of California (FCC), we strongly advocate for the preservation of fertility for all who wish to have children in the future. By planning ahead, you can keep your family's options open, potentially avoiding significant financial and emotional distress later in life.

Whether you are undergoing treatments that might impact your fertility, approaching advanced reproductive age, considering a vasectomy, or simply being cautious about your future fertility, we offer a variety of fertility preservation options and long-term storage solutions at our long term storage facility Family Fertility Cryobank (FFCB), to support you in achieving your family-building goals. Our commitment is to help you secure the possibility of starting a family when the time is right for you.

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  • The first crucial step toward securing a fertile future for many patients is sperm banking. Our advanced cryopreservation techniques allow us to preserve sperm in a suspended state indefinitely. Once cryopreserved the sperm will not age, degrade or change over time. If thawed for use in the future, the sperm will be the same as on the day they were frozen. We have successfully cryopreserved and stored semen samples for over 40 years, later to be used successfully in achieving conception.

    Our experienced team of andrologists conducts thorough analysis of each sample intended for cryopreservation. We work collaboratively to devise the best plan tailored to the unique characteristics of your sample. Unlike some other cryopreservation centers, we fully acknowledge the importance and complexity of sperm in the process of creating a baby. During patient consultations, offered with every sample visit, we actively guide you through different options, helping you select the best cryopreservation method that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support and empower you in making the best choices for your future fertility.

    Please note that state mandated, up-to-date, infectious disease testing results are required to be on file to store human reproductive tissue.

  • ATTENTION! Your insurance company may be required to cover the cost of your fertility preservation prior to treatment under California senate bill SB600.

    If you have been diagnosed with cancer, we strongly encourage you to consider fertility preservation before starting your treatment. It is impossible for anyone to predict the long term affects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment on ones sperm. Discussing the risks of potential infertility and exploring your options before cancer treatment is a crucial step to potentially avoid future emotional and financial distress.
    At the Fertility Center of California, we understand the urgency. That is why we offer same-day appointments and off-site collection options for your convenience. Please notify a staff member of your cancer diagnosis.
    If you have already begun cancer treatment and are interested in attempting to freeze sperm, we recommend consulting your oncologist before scheduling an appointment to learn about how your specific treatment plan might affect sperm integrity or future offspring.
    We empathize with the fear and uncertainty that a cancer diagnosis can bring. We also recognize the significant financial burden it may place on patients and their families. Our utmost priority is to ensure that no patient feels compelled to forgo fertility preservation due to financial constraints. At our center, we are dedicated to finding viable solutions and options to make fertility preservation accessible and affordable for all those in need. FCC offers extremely discounted cryopreservation and long term storage discounts as well as payment plans and other services to cancer patients. Please notify a staff member of your diagnosis.

    We also urge every cancer patient to check with their insurance provider to see what coverage they offer under California senate bill SB600.

Long Term Storage of Sperm, Eggs, Embryos and Tissue

With over 75 years of experience, our clinical and laboratory staff are highly qualified in safeguarding your most precious assets until the ideal time for their use. Our cryogenic storage facility is located within a secure vault, accessible only to authorized personnel through coded entry, and continuously monitored with 24-hour motion detection surveillance.
The cryogenic tanks we use are completely independent of electrical sources, ensuring they remain unaffected by power outages or automatic fill system failures. To maintain the highest standard of storage service for your reproductive materials, the tanks undergo daily inspections and are subject to quality control at least three times a week.
Our center specializes in semen and testicular tissue cryopreservation and storage within our state-of-the-art onsite laboratories. We are also equipped to accept reproductive materials from external facilities. While we do not perform cryopreservation on embryos, eggs, or ovarian tissue, we are highly equipped to intake and store these previously frozen materials. We can work with your fertility center to make sure the transfer process is smooth and easy.

  • If you are interested in storing your reproductive materials with our center you will need to call and speak to a representative to arrange the transfer. Below you can see the steps needed to store with us.

    • New patient registration paperwork.
    • A pre-transfer form to be completed by your fertility center
      • Includes infectious disease testing results
      • Cryopreservation reports and thawing protocols
      • Eligibility determinations for all donors
    • Coordination of the transfer date and method
    • Transfer consents to be filled out by patient(s)
  • FCC/FFCB has successfully accepted reproductive tissues from all over the world. Due to the individual laws and regulations associated with international transfers, we require patients to contact a third party shipping company that specializes in international transfers. Below, you can find a list of companies that provide this service.

  • To see a list of pricing for long term storage services, please click below.
    Pay Your Bill: https://www.familyfertilitycryobank.com/

  • At FCC, we take great pride in supporting and assisting our LGBTQ+ community in preserving their fertility and building beautiful families. We warmly welcome all patients and families who dream of bringing a child into a loving home. Our clinical team is dedicated to delivering excellent care in an inclusive environment, fully understanding and addressing the unique challenges that our LGBTQ+ patients may encounter on their family-building journey. With our extensive experience and unwavering compassion, we ensure that our patients can focus on their health and well-being while we handle the rest, guiding them towards fulfilling their dreams of parenthood.

    Hormone Replacement Therapy

    • If you are considering or planning to begin Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), it's essential to prioritize fertility preservation first. HRT medications almost always have a severe impact on sperm concentration and viability, which is often permanent. Preserving your fertility can be achieved in as little as one appointment. We have the ability to prepare vials for use with both a sexually intimate/ romantic partner and a surrogate/gestational carrier (a person who carries and gives birth to a child on behalf of the intended parent(s).) To learn more about pricing or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at (619) 265-0102.
    • Please note that we urge every HRT patient to check with their insurance provider to see what coverage they offer under California senate bill SB600.
  • We proudly support our military community and understand some of the unique obstacles that they may face when it comes to fertility. This is why we offer several options for military personnel to cryopreserve their sperm in preparation for long term or short term deployment as well as a contingency to an adverse event. We always offer a military discount!

    Cryopreservation for Continued Pregnancy Attempts
    You can freeze your semen sample to allow your partner to continue their attempts at achieving pregnancy in your absence. Whether this is for at home use or in office fertility treatments, you can ensure being away from your partner will not slow down your family planning goals.

    Cryopreservation for Peace of Mind
    We understand that our military patients can be put in dangerous situations for their job/duty. This is why many patients have chosen to freeze their sperm in the unfortunate case that something adverse were to happen to them during their time in service. Frozen vials can be directed to a spouse or partner if needed and can help ensure that you and your partner have options for future family planning.

  • Life is unpredictable, your fertility doesn’t have to be. Our pre-vasectomy deal cryopreservation services can give you the peace of mind. If your life changes and your desire for children emerges after having a vasectomy, you will be ready! This low cost program allows patients to avoid expensive and invasive surgeries/procedures. To find out more about our freeze first campaign please click here.

  • Testicular sperm retrieval (also known as testicular sperm extraction or TESE) is a surgical procedure performed to retrieve sperm directly from the testicles of a man who has fertility issues related to the absence or blockage of the vas deferens or other conditions that prevent sperm from being present in the ejaculate. To learn more about Sperm retrieval please click here.

  • Sexual dysfunction and infertility are common in males with traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCIs). With more than 10,000 new SCIs occurring every year in the United States to men in their prime reproductive years, we understand how important the need for state of the art fertility treatment options are. We are a leader in the field of specialized fertility care for STI patients who are ready to grow their family, but might not know where to start.

    Our unique Management of male infertility due to spinal cord injury includes a number of different sperm collection methods, as well as several options for sample washing/purification and insemination or cryopreservation. Please note that a thorough medical evaluation of both partners is necessary prior to beginning any procedure or treatment. To learn more or schedule a consultation please click here.

  • To learn more about PMSR please visit: pmsrnetwork.com.

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