We Love Physician Referrals

At the Fertility Center of California we can provide valuable resources and benefits for your team such as fertility care, cryopreservation, medical information for patients and volume discounts. Learn more about the benefits of working with FCC and how we can best serve your patients through our physician referral program. Our services include:

  • Long-term storage in our secure cryobank
  • Emergency fertility preservation
  • Directed and anonymous donor sperm
  • Semen analysis & sperm preparation
  • Artificial insemination, sex selection & more

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Physicians & Benefits by Specialty

We believe in the benefits of partnering with others to help patients and practices solve fertility concerns. At the Fertility Center of California we work with IVF Centers, Oncologists, OBGYNs, Urologists, and many other specialists. Learn more about the benefits we offer, specific to each center and physician.

Cryopreservation & Lab Security

Renowned for cryopreservation, our world-class facilities and expert security precautions make our laboratory a safe destination for valuable sperm, eggs, embryos, and tissues. Free precious lab space and provide storage for your patients by utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities. Learn more about our laboratory.

Services & Fees

The Fertility Center of California offers a comprehensive selection of services including fertility preservation, donor sperm, and overall fertility care. Our goal is to help as many individuals as possible by providing services with reasonable fees but exceptional quality. View our list of services and fees.

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Contact FCC to utilize our services, ask questions or become an ambassador of fertility with our patient referral program. Request an information package for details of our referral program, office materials for your patients, and/or a specific arrangement for your office.

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