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Congratulations! You have looked through our sperm donor database and chosen a sperm donor. The most difficult part of the process lies behind you. At this point you should have also discussed with your doctor which procedure you will have, whether it is IUI, ICI or IVF. The final steps for buying donor sperm are below:

  1. Contact our office to set up a consultation.
    *Note: if you have been working with a fertility physician, no consultation is needed but a lab requisistion form will be required.

  2. Please note that there are three forms in the package for purchasing donor sperm. Download the forms here.

  3. Fill out the patient forms on your computer and email or fax to our:

San Diego Front Office Coordinator @ 619-265-1429 (Attn: Angie)


Tustin Front Office Coordinator @ 714-730-3063 /

  1. Call our office for payment information for the vials of sperm and transportation fees (if applicable). Tell us how many vials you would like to purchase, whether you need storage for your vials and/or shipping of your vials.

For pricing information, please visit our Services and Fees page.

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