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The Sperm Donor Program at Sperm Bank Inc.

Since 1980, our goal has been to give hope to those struggling with infertility. We invite you to partake in our sperm donor program and start building your family. At Sperm Bank Inc, our unwavering dedication lies in delivering unparalleled patient care, ensuring that only the most exceptional quality of donor sperm is utilized for our clients. Whether you're interested in anonymous sperm donors, exploring our directed donor program, or considering sperm donation, you can find detailed information by following the links below.

Free Sperm Donor Search

Experience the convenience of free online access to a portion of each sperm donor's profile at Sperm Bank Inc. You also have the option to sign up for partial or unlimited access to the comprehensive sperm donor database. This ample data base provides in-depth profiles for each donor. You will have the opportunity to find out things about our donors like their favorite book, what hobbies they fill their spare time with and who they see as a role model. Our diverse selection ensures that there's something special for everyone in their pursuit of the perfect match. Start your free sperm donor search today!

Donor Database Login

If you already have access to to our sperm donor database, login here to search for donors. If you would like more information about our database, click here to get started.

How We Select Our Donors

We provide only the most exceptional donor sperm at our sperm bank for assisted reproductive procedures. Learn more about our strict screening standards and approval process which yields high quality donor sperm.

Donor Profile of the Month

Our donor of the month program features some of the most attractive sperm donor candidates at our sperm bank at temporary reduced pricing. Donors of the month are chosen for desirable physical appearances, educational backgrounds, personalities, and talents to help showcase the diversity of our sperm bank.. Meet the current sperm donor of the month.

Purchasing Donor Sperm

Congratulations! You've chosen a sperm donor from our database and are ready to move forward in the selection process. Access the necessary patient forms, cost & pricing information and read about our special promotions. Follow these steps to purchase donor sperm.

Directed (Known) Donor Program

Some patients feel more comfortable having a close family friend or relative donate sperm. There are many specific legal, medical, and social considerations involved in a directed donor approach. Read more about utilizing a known sperm donor.

Donate Sperm: Become a Sperm Donor

Thank you for your interest in sperm donation. Donating sperm is a generous act that can help another family achieve their dreams. We have strict standards for our donor sperm at the Fertility Center of California and welcome applications from qualified candidates. Learn more about our sperm donor requirements.

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