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At The Fertility Center of California, we provide comprehensive semen analysis testing services testing through our state-of-the-art onsite laboratories. Our highly qualified andrology team possesses the training and expertise to conduct swift and precise analysis of sperm samples, offering our patients essential and valuable information.
To learn more about the different testing services available, explore the below options.

  • A semen analysis is a crucial test conducted to assess the health and quality of a man's sperm. It involves examining a semen sample in a laboratory to evaluate various factors, including sperm count, motility (movement), morphology (shape), and other parameters. The results of the analysis provide essential insights into male fertility potential and help guide appropriate fertility treatment options if needed. When you schedule your semen analysis appointment at FCC, you'll receive recommendations to observe 2-5 days of abstinence before the test. You have the option to collect the sample at home using a free collection cup provided by FCC, or you can visit one of our clinics and use a private collection room. Our friendly staff will be available to answer any questions you may have as you prepare for the analysis. We strive to ensure your comfort and convenience throughout the process.

  • Kruger strict morphology refers to the assessment of the shape and structure of sperm. It is one of the essential parameters evaluated to assess male fertility. Sperm morphology is crucial because the shape of sperm can significantly impact their ability to fertilize an egg. Generally, a percentage of normal-shaped sperm greater than 4% is considered indicative of better fertility potential.
    Abnormal sperm morphology may include various defects such as head shape abnormalities, tail defects, or midpiece irregularities. While it's common for every sperm sample to have some abnormalities in sperm morphology, a percentage less than 4% normal morphology can indicate an increased challenge in egg penetration. This situation may lead to difficulties in achieving pregnancy. Monitoring and addressing sperm morphology is crucial in assessing male fertility potential and optimizing chances of successful conception.

  • A post-vasectomy semen analysis is a type of semen analysis that concentrates on the presence or absence of motile and non-motile sperm. The primary purpose of this test is to confirm the success of the vasectomy procedure. Since individuals heal and expel sperm at varying rates, a post-vasectomy semen analysis becomes crucial in determining whether the patient has achieved sterility following the procedure. This test provides vital reassurance to the patient and helps to ensure the effectiveness of the vasectomy.

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