Freeze First!™ Fertility Preservation

Freeze First! Fertility Preservation

Freeze First! Fertility Preservation - "If we recognize that fertility is one of the most important things to patients and couples at certain times in their life... it helps bring into focus just how im...

Fertility Preservation, cryobanking, or the long term storage of sperm, eggs, embryos and reproductive tissue is one of the most important steps an individual or couple can take to preserve their reproductive future.

Freeze First!™ - Sometimes, just a little bit of planning can keep your family's options open, potentially avoiding significant financial and emotional distress later in life.

Having children is an amazing gift that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience. Whether you choose to store sperm, eggs, embryos or reproductive tissue, FCC's cryobank has a number of options to explore.

Sperm Banking

Preserve sperm to ensure a fertile future with our long-term storage options. If you are using donor sperm, reserve vials of a popular donor or store extra vials of your current donor for possible future siblings. Learn more about sperm banking.

Embryo Storage & Egg Banking

Save additional embryos and eggs from IVF treatments with our long-term embryo storage program. Frozen embryos and eggs can be stored for many years to be used for in vitro fertilization at a later time. Learn more about embryo freezing egg and embryo storage.

Cancer Treatment & Fertility

Discovering that you have cancer is a daunting and emotional experience. However, it is important to examine your options for preserving fertility before jumping into cancer treatments. We encourage you to Freeze First!™ Explore your fertility options.

Fertility Preservation for Military Personnel

Individuals in the military or other high-risk professions should consider preserving their fertility through long-term storage. We offer special cryopreservation packages for those serving in the military. Learn more about our military discounts.

Spinal Cord Procedures & Fertility

Our staff has expert training in helping patients with spinal cord injuries harvest sperm for fertility treatments. If you have experienced a spinal cord injury, there are many options available. Learn more about spinal cord procedures and fertility.

Pre-Vasectomy Sperm Banking

The long-term storage of sperm before a vasectomy is recommended to prevent the need for costly and invasive infertility procedures in the future should you ever decide to have more children again. Learn more about pre-vasectomy sperm banking.

@Home Sperm Freezing Kit & Emergency Preservation

Order one of our groundbreaking @Home Sperm Freezing Kits, and cryopreserve sperm from the comfort of your own home. This solution is ideal for military personnel that may be deployed, cancer patients, and other individuals about to receive chemotherapy, radiation, or major surgery. Learn more about our emergency cryopreservation kit.