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Pre-Deployment Fertility Preservation for Military Families

Losing the ability to have children is a heartbreaking experience. If you are in the military and would like to have children in the future, we encourage you to consider fertility preservation. Fertility preservation (also known as cryopreservation) is the freezing and storage of sperm or eggs in order to safeguard the ability to procreate in the future. The possibility of groin injuries or damage to reproductive organs during your time in the military is not a happy thought, but an occasion that can be prepared for with sperm banking or egg banking.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, fertility preservation is an excellent option that could save you thousands of dollars on infertility treatments and help ensure the possibility of having a child that is biologically yours in the future.

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Why should I consider fertility preservation?

  • Possible injuries to the groin or reproductive organs
  • Advanced reproductive age
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals, materials or extreme heat
  • Frequent separation from your partner during a time you would like to conceive

Do I need to be referred by a physician?

No referral is necessary. Simply call 888-951-CRYO to schedule a consultation or request a consultation online. The process is quick and simple. If your deployment is last minute and you do not have time to visit our fertility center, we have an @Home Sperm Freezing Kit for such emergencies.

How long can my sperm/eggs be safely stored?

Cryopreservation can safely store sperm, eggs, embryos and tissues for many years. Successful pregnancies have resulted from sperm and embryos that have been frozen for over 20 years! Egg freezing is a newer technology, which also has promising results.

I am a female in the military… does this apply to me?

Yes. If your occupation puts your reproductive health at risk and you would like to have children at some point in the future, fertility preservation is a valuable resource for both men and women. With the recent advancements in egg freezing technology, frozen eggs have resulted in more healthy births than ever before. Learn more about egg banking.

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