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5 Questions Prospective Sperm Donors Almost Always Ask

Posted on September 1, 2021

There’s the idea of becoming a sperm donor, and then there’s the reality of what it is really like to donate sperm. Many men may have considered donating their sperm at one point, but for those who ultimately decide to commit to the process, there are usually a few questions before things get underway. At the Fertility Center of California, we work with sperm donors from many different backgrounds and career and education levels. We have a collective experience of knowing what it’s like for someone to complete the donation process and can provide a unique perspective on some of the topics prospective donors are most curious about:

1. How are sperm donors compensated?

If your sample of donated sperm passes our screening procedures for use, then you will receive $60.

2. What kind of commitment is needed to be a sperm donor?

For our sperm donor program, we require donors to commit to a 12-month donation program. If there is a need to break your contract prior to when the 12-month period is complete, this is something that you will need to discuss with our coordinators as soon as possible.

3. What does donor screening involve?

Our sperm donor screening procedures are thorough. We test for infectious diseases and genetic diseases and perform a chromosomal analysis, and we require a complete blood count. We will also seek a detailed personal and medical history as well as a background check.

4. Can I remain anonymous to anyone seeking donated sperm?

Yes, if you so choose, you have the option to have your identity remain anonymous. You can also choose to have an open donor profile, where you could be contacted by any adult offspring in the future.

5. Do I meet the program’s requirements?

Every donation program has its own list of requirements. We advise that anyone considering applying to become a donor first review our list carefully in order to help ensure that you’re a good fit. Common donor requirements can include age (18-39), having a college degree or actively working toward one, local residency, ability to work legally in the country, agreeing to a commitment to donate between one and two times per week, etc.

If you would like to complete a sperm donor application, you can do so here.

There are many couples and individuals who would not be able to grow their families without the use of donor sperm. Single mothers, same-sex female couples, and couples experiencing male factor infertility all can seek a sperm donor who can help fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

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