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5 Situations Where Sperm Freezing Is 100% Appropriate

Posted on July 1, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered whether sperm freezing is the right path for your future family planning, there’s a good chance that the decision is something you’re already leaning toward. Sperm freezing is a good resource for a number of different situations, as modern family building has shown that there are many paths to parenthood. However, if you’re on the fence, there are five situations where sperm freezing has been shown to be 100% appropriate. If you find that any of the below scenarios represents you or your future plans, we hope you’ll consider connecting with our clinic.

  1. If you are an active duty military member with plans to be deployed - Active duty military members who are planning on a future deployment are well aware of the risks involved in that situation. Serious and permanent injuries can impact a person’s fertility, putting their family building plans at risk as well. Many service members consider sperm freezing prior to deployments as a precautionary measure.

  2. If you have received a recent cancer diagnosis - Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are known to be damaging to a person’s fertility. It is important for patients to speak to their oncologist about fertility concerns as soon as possible and before treatment begins. There are situations in which treatment can be temporarily delayed so fertility can be preserved. For men, this process involves sperm freezing and it is normally relatively quick so any delay would be short.

  3. If you participate in extreme sports - Injury risk in extreme sports can be high, especially if you are participating on a frequent basis. This means that areas of the body where male fertility can be negatively impacted can be vulnerable. If you enjoy extreme sports, there’s a solid chance that sperm freezing is an appropriate measure for consideration.

  4. If your career involves manual labor and/or injury risk - Careers that involve manual labor can also involve a degree of injury risk as well. Injuries to the groin area or the spine can impact male fertility. If you work in a field where such injuries are possible, then it can be prudent to consider freezing your sperm so if an injury should occur, you would at least always have the option of family building at a later date.

  5. If you are planning on a vasectomy, but aren’t 100% sure that you’ve completed your family planning - Yes, a vasectomy can be reversed, but any vasectomy surgeon will tell you that as a patient, you need to consider the procedure to be permanent. If you are unsure if your family is complete and/or you just want to leave that door open as a possibility down the road, then you should consider the possibility that sperm freezing is the right choice.

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