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Dr. Bastuba Receives Grant to Pursue Pioneering Stem Cell Research

Posted on February 1, 2015

Dr. Martin Bastuba and Dr. Peter Hanson have recently joined forces to work on the scarcely researched field of cryopreservation of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells. The newly founded team has acquired grant support from the Cell Surgical Network (CSN) in their innovative pursuit of stem cell storage. CSN is an affiliated assemblage of the nation’s top medical doctors from a diverse array of disciplines and specialties that combine their efforts to forward the availability of adult stem cell regenerative medicine. The goal of this association is to treat individuals who suffer from an array of degenerative and inflammatory conditions using the patient’s very own stem cells. The stem cells are retrieved using a simple mini-liposuction to remove adipose tissue that the stem cells are then derived from. So, in simple terms, the patient’s problems are being treated with their own processed body fat!

Stem cells have already been proven to be a very effective and efficient way to treat many degenerative and inflammatory conditions. What Dr. Bastuba and Dr. Hanson are working on is breakthrough in that they are working on ways to store these powerful and youthful stem cells for extended periods of time by freezing them. This is significant because as we age, humans tend to produce less and less of these restorative stem cells. Therefore, by extracting these stem cells while they are in abundance in our youth for storage will allow for the option of treatment when we are in need or in our later years when extracting a viable amount may be difficult or infeasible. We are all aware of how quickly technology and medicine advances each year. By having an ample reserve of your own derived stem cells in storage for future use not only ensures that you will have the ability to undergo treatment when in need, but also have the advantage of refined techniques and novel uses for these stem cells that await us in the future.

Dr. Bastuba and Dr. Hanson have had extensive exposure and involvement in stem cell research, and have combined for over 40 years of experience treating patients in the medical field. Dr. Hanson is currently a member of the CSN as an orthopedic surgeon practicing in La Mesa, California. Dr. Bastuba is an urologist and the director of both the Male Fertility Specialists (MFS) and the Fertility Center of California (FCC) in San Diego. The FCC is a renowned sperm banking facility that offers some of the best technology and highly trained staff for freezing an assortment of reproductive tissues such as sperm and eggs, giving the team a distinct advantage in their research. Their combined knowledge of stem cells paired with their individual connections with the CSN and expertise in cryopreservation gives them a promising competitive edge in their ground breaking research for the bright future of stem cell use in the medical field.

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