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How Do I Become a Single Parent?

Posted on May 1, 2022

Single parenthood is a route taken by those who are ready to grow their family on their own terms. Modern family building offers many routes to becoming a parent, including for single men and women. At Sperm Bank Inc., we’ve worked with countless single female parents who’ve grown their families after selecting a sperm donor. However, we know that practically speaking, it’s a bit daunting when you’re ready to get this process underway. We wanted to outline the logistics of getting to single parenthood for anyone who is interested or considering this path.

Female single parenthood: How it works

For a female single parent, you will require use of a sperm donor and at least one form of insemination in order to attempt a pregnancy. In terms of selecting a sperm donor, there are different options available. Women can work with a known or unknown donor. A known donor, also sometimes referred to as a direct donor, is typically a family member or close friend. This person is asked by the prospective single parent directly if they would consider providing donated sperm so their family member or friend can become a single parent. It would be up to both parties to come to an agreement per the relationship the donor would have in the child’s life as well as whether or not legal documentation needs to be drafted and signed prior to the donation process.

If you work with an unknown sperm donor, also referred to as an anonymous sperm donor, then you’d typically use a sperm bank in order to get the selection process underway. Sperm banks carefully screen candidates to confirm their personal and familial medical histories. Donors in these programs have agreed to remain anonymous so they will not have a role in the child’s life. Once you select your donor via the sperm bank’s database, you will be sent or given the sperm sample(s) you’ve purchased. From here, an aspiring female single parent can consider at-home insemination, but in-office procedures at a fertility clinic typically have higher success rates.

These procedures include intrauterine insemination (IUI) which is considered to be non-invasive, affordable when compared to more advanced fertility services, and features a brief recovery period. If a fertility issue is present or discovered because of failed IUI cycles, it is possible that an in vitro fertilization cycle (IVF) may be needed. IVF is an advanced form of reproductive care and more invasive than IUI with a much higher typical overall fee range.

Male single parenthood: How it works

For a man pursuing single parenthood, the process will involve both egg donation as well as gestational surrogacy. You will need donated eggs, either from an anonymous donor you work with via an egg donor agency or those from a family member or close friend who has agreed to provide her eggs. You will also need to work with a surrogate, this individual could also be a family member or close friend, but many male single parents will work with a surrogacy agency. The embryo will be created in a laboratory from the male single parent’s sperm and the donated eggs. It will then be implanted in the surrogate’s uterus in an attempt for pregnancy.

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