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How Does Sperm Donation Work?

Posted on June 1, 2017

Using donated sperm to help build your family is a popular route for same-sex female couples, single women and couples who experienced previously-unsuccessful infertility treatment. Many people understand the gist of sperm donation, but they do not know how the process works from start to finish.

At the Fertility Center of California, we want couples and individuals who have chosen sperm donation to feel confident in their decision and to know what to expect as they begin this route to parenthood.

Searching for a sperm donor – how do I find the right donor for my growing family?

The Fertility Center of California offers a free sperm donor search which provides quick access to a portion of our sperm donor’s profiles. Should a donor pique your interest, you can easily apply for full access to our donor database for a $100 fee for 30 days or you can purchase individual profiles for $20 each. A free database search includes the donor’s eye color, hair color and ethnic origin. Information regarding a donor’s education, family medical history, personal medical history and additional details will require payment.

Can I use a known (directed) sperm donor?

Yes, The Fertility Center of California works with patients who decide to work with a sperm donor they already know. This is typically a family member or close friend.

How do I purchase donated sperm?

Once you’ve selected the sperm donor of your choice, you will need to purchase his sperm. You will need to contact our office to set up a consultation unless you are already working with a fertility specialist. In that case, we will still need a lab requisition form completed and returned to our facility. You can find the necessary forms here. Once the forms are completed and returned to our facility, you can call our office to provide payment information. Specific information on sperm donor fees can be found here.

I’ve purchased sperm vials, what comes next?

Once you have purchased the donated sperm, you will need to choose a fertility center that provides IUI, ICI, ICSI or IVF services, depending on your individual need. The Fertility Center of California can provide IUI, ICI and ICSI services. We can also assist with any sperm washing needs to remove harmful chemicals while increasing the fertilization capacity of the sperm.

I’m ready to get started, but I’d like a consultation first. How can I book a consult?

Please contact the Fertility Center of California directly in order to schedule a consultation with our leading, experienced team of fertility and laboratory specialists. We look forward to hearing from you!

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