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Infertility Care Services at the Fertility Center of California

Posted on March 1, 2023

One in every six heterosexual couples trying to conceive is impacted by infertility, and at least half the time, a male factor is a contributing cause. While fertility treatment allows individuals and couples to achieve parenthood, multiple attempts may be needed, even as the costs mount. You want to ensure you’ve chosen a high-quality sperm bank, one experienced in testing and diagnosing male infertility. They can then develop a treatment plan to help you realize your goals of parenthood.

Why Choose The Fertility Center of California (FCC)

Men are impacted by fertility, with rates dropping after the age of 35. If you’re considering or trying to get pregnant, you want to make sure your reproductive health, particularly your sperm, is functioning properly. At FCC, a premiere cryobank and infertility clinic, we provide all services needed to diagnose and treat your infertility concerns.

What Testing and Diagnosis Services Does FCC Provide?

A sperm bank must place importance on testing and analysis, to accurately diagnose potential infertility causes, including inherited conditions. Our fertility specialists and technicians, employing cutting-edge equipment and the latest advances, conduct all testing and diagnostic procedures within our dedicated andrology (involving male fertility) laboratories. They include:

Semen Analysis

We provide comprehensive semen testing services, including Complete Semen Analysis (CSA). Considered the most complete evaluation of ejaculated sperm, it’s typically the only one needed. CSA identifies multiple factors for sperm function, as recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), including sperm concentration, motility (sperm movement), morphology (shape), and the presence of white or red blood cells.

Gender & Sex Selection

At FCC, we can perform testing to ensure your baby’s gender and sex, whether for medical or personal reasons. While effective, these assessments are not guaranteed.

At FCC, What Fertility Treatment Options Are Provided?

Once you’ve completed your required testing, and you’re found to be healthy, you can then decide on a fertility treatment. We perform the following procedures, all onsite.

Artificial Insemination

Intrauterine insemination, also called artificial Insemination, offers an efficient, minimally invasive pregnancy option, and is often the first one selected. IUI involves sperm being placed into a woman’s uterus, while she’s ovulating. FSS also performs another technique, intracervical insemination (ICI), in which sperm is placed in a woman’s cervix.

ICSI Services

Generally performed with IVF, intracytoplasmic sperm injection [ICSI] involves a single sperm being injected directly into a mature egg’s (oocyte) cytoplasm. This is the fluid within cells, where most chemical reactions occur.

Explore Your Options for Infertility Care and Treatment

Male causes often are a common reason for conception difficulties. Testing can assess your reproductive health and prepare you for treatment. To speak with a fertility specialist or for any questions, you can schedule a consultation with the Fertility Center of California today.

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