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Should I Donate My Sperm? 3 Reasons to Consider Sperm Donation

Posted on December 1, 2014

Sperm donation offers donors the opportunity to change the lives of a couple unable to have a child without a sperm donor’s help. Infertility is a more widespread issue than most people realize, and in the U.S., 30% of cases in which a couple is unable to conceive exist due to a male factor fertility issue. There may be considerable humor found in the average conversation about sperm donation, but humor aside, sperm donation is often a couple’s last hope to have a child.

Sperm donors are generous, thoughtful individuals who undergo considerable evaluation and testing to ensure that they (and their sperm) are healthy. Yes, sperm donors are compensated for their time and effort, but there are many other reasons to consider becoming a sperm donor.

It’s good for you.

Sperm donation, which requires masturbation, is healthy. Masturbation can cut down on a person’s stress levels and decrease tension. It has also been known to be a sleep aid.

You can be anonymous.

If you choose, you can be an anonymous sperm donor. Anonymous sperm donors have no connection to the woman or couple receiving their donation, and neither party will know the other’s identity. Anonymous sperm donation is different from a directed or known donation in that a known donor is often a close family member or friend that has been chosen. If you prefer to remain anonymous, then you are easily able to do so at the Fertility Center of California.

You make a real difference.

The impact sperm donors have on the lives of a couple struggling with infertility, single women, or LGBT couples and individuals cannot be emphasized enough. There are a wide variety of cases in which a sperm donor is needed, and without known and anonymous donations, these individuals would be unable to build their families.

It’s important that potential sperm donors understand that there is a process to becoming a sperm donor, that they have options regarding their anonymity and that what may be a brief trip to FCC to them, can truly make a difference in someone else’s life. Sperm donation is healthy and helps others. Donors receive compensation for their contribution. Please contact the Fertility Center of California if you are interested in becoming a sperm donor.

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