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Sperm Banking for Cancer Patients: @Home Sperm Freeze Kit

Posted on October 1, 2014

Facing a recent cancer diagnosis is already immensely difficult, but having your doctor tell you that your future fertility may be compromised as a result of cancer treatment is an entirely different level of distress for many men. Though potentially lifesaving, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments can negatively affect a person’s fertility. Due to this risk, many men are turning toward fertility preservation to help ensure their future families.

Fertility preservation, also referred to as sperm banking, cryopreservation or sperm freezing, is used so a man’s sperm can be preserved, then later thawed and used in an assisted reproductive procedure to conceive.

At the Fertility Center of California, we realize that those facing a recent cancer diagnosis already face a barrage of doctor appointments and time spent in medical offices and hospitals. In order to relieve some of the stress that occurs during this time, we have created the @Home Sperm Freeze Kit. Our @Home Sperm Freeze Kit (solely for sperm cryopreservation) can be delivered to a patient’s home – anywhere in the United States – and can be used to create a semen sample that will be stored.

In addition to convenience and privacy, the @Home Sperm Freeze Kit allows men the ability to preserve their fertility without having to decide between pursuing treatments and freezing their sperm through a facility which will require in-person appointments. We realize that this is a crucial time for many and that the idea of putting off necessary treatment to preserve your sperm is an incredibly tough decision – which is why we decided to take the loss of time out of the equation.

Each @Home Sperm Freeze Kit comes with detailed instructions and the materials necessary for a viable sperm sample as well as how to send the materials back to our center. When FCC receives your sperm sample, we will perform an analysis on the sample’s quality and then store the sample for later use when a pregnancy is desired.

If are ready to order an @Home Sperm Freeze Kit, please contact the Fertility Center of California or order your @Home Sperm Freeze Kit online.

Please contact FCC if you have any further questions about the kit, the process or the cost. We do offer reduced pricing for cancer patients.

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