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Egg and Embryo Storage at Fertility Center of California

Posted on November 1, 2018

If you are ready to preserve your fertility, Fertility Center of California (FCC) has designed a state-of-the-art storage facility for eggs and embryos (eggs fertilized with sperm) in San Diego, California. We offer multiple storage options and payment plans to suit your needs and your budget. The most important focus for FCC is the security of your family’s future.

Why cryopreserve

Here are many reasons you might decide to preserve your eggs or embryos for a later time:

  • Your education, career or travel goals delay your choice to start a family
  • You have a medical condition and require immediate treatment
  • Your or your partner’s medical condition or treatment carries a risk of inhibiting your fertility
  • You’re just not ready to start a family right now, but have concerns about age and fertility

The value of cryopreservation is that it enables you to put off pregnancy until you are ready, without worrying about some of the factors that optimize your pregnancy, such as being under age 35 or maintaining a robust egg reserve.

How storage works

FCC egg and embryo storage offers multiple advantages over smaller fertility clinic storage options:

  • We have plenty of storage space, allowing for long-term (even years) banking agreements
  • Our storage fees are extremely competitive
  • Our cryobank is modern and secure and uses vapor-phase storage techniques
  • Our storage tanks are completely independent of electricity and are under constant observation

We’ll work with you and your partner (if applicable) to design an egg or embryo storage contract that meets your needs. We’ll also complete the lab testing required for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and others, as required by California law.

If you’ll be transferring eggs or embryos to FCC, we ship these specimens in liquid nitrogen dry-shipper tanks through reliable transportation vendors. This means that you don’t have to be a California resident to take advantage of FCC cryobanking.

What happens next

If you’re storing your eggs or embryos with FCC and are ready to start fertility treatment, your securely banked specimens are just a phone call away. Your decision to preserve your fertility has paid off and you can now proceed with building your family on your own terms.

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