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How We Can Improve How We Talk About Sperm Donation

Posted on December 1, 2019

Although third-party reproduction has become increasingly common in recent years, there’s still a lot of confusion—and sometimes even stigma—surrounding sperm donation.

Many couples and individuals seeking to work with a sperm donor to grow their families, as well as the men interested in helping them do so, remain unsure of how to talk about the process with others, or if they even should.

Below, we outline three simple tips to keep in mind to help improve the way we talk about sperm donation.

1. Share your thoughts and feelings with those close to you.

Whether you’re a sperm donor or an intended parent using sperm donation to grow your family, you may be dealing with some complex emotions. Though you may feel like you’re going through this all on your own, it’s important to turn to your support network during this time.

Talk to friends and family, and, if you feel it would help, remind them that you just want someone to listen. Talking to a therapist can also be very helpful; some even have specialized experience helping patients who are building their families using third-party reproduction.

2. Remember that some people may simply be uninformed.

While it’s normal to feel offended by someone’s probing questions or tactless comments regarding your family-building or donation journey, keep in mind that these usually stem from a simple lack of knowledge. Try your best to educate them in a way that won’t put them on the defensive but will allow them to proceed differently in the future.

Talking candidly about your experiences, if you’re up for it, will help lessen the misconceptions around sperm donation in general.

3. Seek out people who have gone through similar experiences.

Navigating this process alone—or even just with your partner—can feel isolating. Remember that you’re not alone. Many others have built their families using sperm donors, and there are many resources available to hear from others who have gone through the experience.

Seek out social forums online centered on family building through sperm donation—or, if you’re a donor, centered on donating—and do some research to see if you’re near any support groups. Quite often, just talking with someone who understands your experience can make a huge difference.

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