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Visit the New Website for the Fertility Center of California in Tustin

Posted on October 1, 2019

The Fertility Center of California (FCC) has launched a new website dedicated to serving patients who visit our office in Tustin, California. We hope you’ll check out the new FCC Tustin website to learn about our services for growing LGBTQ families, insemination, our cryobank, male/female infertility, the donor sperm program, and more.

Also, we’re very pleased to announce that FCC has a 20% success rate for intrauterine insemination (IUI) patients. This is above the national average, which currently is a success rate of between 12% and 14% for IUI.

LGBTQ services

The Fertility Center of California is proud to serve the LGBTQ community. FCC’s number one priority is to help our patient(s) conceive a child. The fertility world can be difficult to navigate and/or prepare for, so please feel free to call our office to speak with a specialist at any time. A specialist can help you start working on a plan or let you know what you will need to do for your specific situation, whether it’s transitioning, same-sex female, or same-sex male services.


Artificial insemination is the action of manually depositing sperm into a woman’s reproductive tract. In contrast, natural insemination is performed through sexual intercourse. Artificial insemination is a safe, non-invasive, and natural approach to fertility treatment. Learn the difference between ICI, IUI, and IVF here.


The Fertility Center of California specifically uses the Family Fertility CryoBank for the long-term storage of its patient’s reproductive materials. The Family Fertility CryoBank and the Fertility Center of California work together in order to provide the best services possible for patients of all circumstances. The Fertility Center of California techs perform the sperm cryopreservation procedures and then the Family Fertility CryoBank stores the materials once they have been cryopreserved, a process of freezing at extremely low temperatures.


The Fertility Center of California possesses the unique capability of being a male and female fertility clinic with an in-house andrology lab and cryobank. Learn about our fertility services here.

Donor sperm

The Fertility Center of California is the only sperm bank south of Los Angeles, and is happy to be able to help couples find the sperm donor of their dreams. Sperm supplementation may be necessary when the patient(s) seeking treatment with the Fertility Center of California are same-sex female couples, single females, or heterosexual couples in which the male has azoospermia (no sperm).

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