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Three Sperm Donation Myths You Probably Believe

Posted on November 1, 2015

Whether you’ve decided to use donor sperm to build your family or if you’re considering becoming a donor yourself, there are still plenty of rumors out there regarding donation and using donor sperm.

Third-party reproduction may not be a new topic, as sperm donors, egg donors, and gestational surrogates have helped build families for countless couples. Yet, myths about the sperm donation process still hover around and mystify the practice. Those considering donating their sperm or using a donor are still likely to encounter the same misguided assumptions that donors and prospective parents did a decade ago.

Sperm donation myth No. 1 -- “A donor baby isn’t really your baby”

This myth is likely the most hurtful that a couple using a sperm or egg donor can hear. Deciding to use a donor is a very significant step in the journey to parenthood, and lacking a genetic connection to your child, whether paternal or maternal, makes no difference in the love and affection you show the baby. Your child is your child whether a donor was used or not. Any assumptions that you may feel differently is unfounded, fortunately.

Sperm donation myth No. 2 – “You have to know the donor”

Sperm donors can be known, known as directed, or anonymous, referred to as unknown donors. A directed sperm donor is typically a close family member or friend who has volunteered their sperm in order to help a couple or individual have a child. An unknown sperm donor is someone who was chosen by prospective parents from a sperm bank database. Even if you choose to use an anonymous sperm donor, you will still have access to the information the donor has provided. Review these sperm donor qualifications to learn more about sperm donor screening methods.

Sperm donor myth No. 3 – “Donors are only in it for the money”

Although it is true that sperm donors receive around $65 for their time and efforts, it is untrue that pay is the only motivation. It is wrong to assume that sperm donors lack empathy for those who require help to have a child. Known and unknown donors alike are fully aware of how important their efforts are to a couple who wishes to have a baby, but cannot without a sperm donation.

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