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Top Sperm Donor FAQs

Posted on July 1, 2015

At the Fertility Center of California (FCC), we work with sperm donors and future parents to keep the sperm donation process as simple and straightforward as possible for all parties. Even though it is far less of a complex procedure for men to donate sperm than for women to donate eggs, that doesn’t mean potential sperm donors won’t have questions about the process.

Donating your sperm so someone else can build their family is a generous act, and even in knowing that you are helping someone else’s dream come true, there can still be some concerns. At FCC, our experience has shown that anyone considering donating sperm has at least one of the questions below that they would like answered before they fill out an application.

Common sperm donor FAQs

Do I already need to have a child?

No, you do not need to have a biological child in order to become a sperm donor with FCC. As a part of the screening process, your semen will be analyzed.

How long do I have to commit to the FCC Donor Sperm program?

At FCC, we require that sperm donors commit to our donor program for one to two years. You will not be admitted into the program until you are able to commit to this timeframe.

What are the requirements for being a sperm donor?

Sperm donor requirements are actually quite straightforward. You can find a comprehensive list of sperm donor requirements here, but we generally seek donors who are ages 18-28, are currently attending or have graduated from college, live relatively close to our office in San Diego, can practice abstinence prior to donation dates, and are able to attend a physical exam and blood tests every three months. We also require that donor applicants complete a thorough medical and genetic questionnaire.

Do I have to be a certain height or weight?

No, you do not need to meet height or weight requirements in order to become a sperm donor.

What is the compensation for donating sperm?

Per collection, sperm donor compensation is $65.00.

If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor with the Fertility Center of California but have additional concerns, we encourage you to contact our office directly.

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