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Choose Long-term Storage at FCC (for Physicians and Fertility Clinics)

Posted on August 1, 2015

Types of storage offered at FCC:

Egg Storage (oocytes) is for all women concerned with their future fertility, including cancer patients, those with high-risk careers (military personnel, fire fighters, police officers), high-impact athletes, transgender clients, and those who have not yet found a life partner. In 2012, the ASRM lifted the experimental label on egg freezing and now considers it an accepted and recommended method.

Embryo Storage is for couples treated with IVF wanting to store embryos, donate embryos, or for women concerned with their future fertility. Sometimes patients will choose to undergo egg collection all at once and store multiple fertilized embryos for future fertility procedures, as this can be a more cost-effective option.

Storage/Banking of Sperm and Testicular Tissue is for males looking to preserve their fertility due to cancer, their career, lifestyle, an upcoming vasectomy, or for men who require testicular tissue freezing for advanced reproductive techniques. FCC provides affordable means to collect, store and return cryopreserved sperm using appropriate shipping and storage protocols. We also offer a @Home Sperm Freezing Kit for expedited services.

Stem Cell Storage is for patients interested in the short- and long-term storage of stem cells to treat disease or illness. It is a revolutionary procedure that currently focuses on adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells, and requires suitable cryopreservation protocols. Dr. Grace Centola, PhD has extensive experience in creating novel solutions for various cryopreservation challenges. She will lead the stem cell cryopreservation and banking practice at FCC.

Options for Long-Term Cryopreservation at Fertility Center of California

At Fertility Center of California, our first priority has always been supporting our colleagues and the infertility needs of their patients. We have also learned that reducing liability and freeing up valuable lab space can be critical to the success of your IVF center. FCC can help you achieve these very important goals through two long-term storage options.

Option 1: FCC will store your cryopreservation tanks at our location. Your team keeps control of the specimens and billing responsibilities. (You get your lab space back.)

Option 2: FCC will transfer the reproductive tissues to our facility. Under this option, we will directly bill the patients and assume liability for their long term storage. Tissues will be returned to your facility whenever required for patient care, including donated embryos. (You get your lab space back AND avoid storage liability.)

Why Choose Long-Term Storage at Fertility Center of California

As a certified and nationally inspected facility, we are the leading center on the West Coast for fertility preservation. Fertility Center of California provides long-term storage of oocytes (eggs), embryos, sperm, tissue and/or stem cells. FCC benefits include:

  1. A safe, secure, well managed storage facility with a 25-year spotless record for secure storage.

  2. Legal contracts and documentation created by a national bio-ethical attorney that has worked with RESOLVE, to protect patients, your organization, staff and stakeholders.

  3. Prepaid insurance on stored specimens eliminating disaster, error, and omission liabilities for your practice.

  4. The very best value for patients (financial assistance available.)

  5. A streamlined patient contract with annual billing.

  6. Two options for long-term storage including by storage tank or individual reproductive tissues.

  7. We coordinate the transportation of frozen tissues to our facility using advanced storage and shipping processes.

  8. A 24/7, state-of-the-art monitoring system that records temperature changes as small as 0.01 degrees Celsius.

  9. Sperm donor database identity protection.

  10. Manual monitoring on a weekly basis by experienced personnel, with 24-hour security surveillance and biometric entry.

  11. Daily backup of all data with off-site, triple-level security cloud data storage.

  12. Emergency analysis/freezing for cancer patients.

  13. Discounts for military personnel.

  14. LIVESTRONG Affiliated Facility.

  15. Monthly or quarterly Q&A reports available electronically.

  16. PhD Lab Director with 30+ years’ experience.

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