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4 Important Questions to Ask Your California CryoBank

Posted on April 1, 2014

Here are some essential questions to ask your cryobank before to make sure it’s the right cryobank choice for you:

How long has the sperm bank/CryoBank been in business?

The Fertility Center of California has been in operation since 1980. For over thirty years, we have provided fertility care and fertility preservation options for patients with our two convenient locations in Orange County, California and San Diego, California.

What policies does the sperm bank/CryoBank have regarding donor identity?

Some sperm banks only practice one kind of identity-related policy when it comes to donated sperm. It’s important to note which policy you will be using before selecting a sperm bank so you won’t be disappointed if it turns out that your sperm bank does not offer that option. At the Fertility Center of California, we offer both sperm donor identity options: known (directed donor) or unknown (anonymous donor). It is up to you which option best suit your fertility needs, though for more help on choosing a sperm donor, please visit our blog post on Two Essential Points to Consider Before Choosing a Sperm Donor.

What percentage of donor applicants is accepted into the sperm donor program?

If a sperm bank allows a high percentage of applicants into their donor program, there is a chance that the quality of that program is questionable. The sperm donor program at the Fertility Center of California upholds very strict sperm donor requirements and testing protocols. We accept less than 3% of the applicants who apply to our program because we know that our patients are in need of sperm that is of the highest possible quality and that they need to know they can trust our standards while building their families.

What type of donor screening is performed?

The kind of screening procedures a sperm donor undergoes will speak highly to the quality of the sperm donor program he has been accepted into. A few of the basic requirements of a sperm donor at the Fertility Center of California is that he must: be between the ages of 18-28, live within commuting distance of our office in San Diego, practice abstinence when required during the donation process, and commit to our program for 1-2 years. Sperm donors must also fill out detailed medical histories for themselves and that of their family, and undergo physical examinations and blood tests, both at the beginning and every three months while they are a part of our program. For more details on our sperm donor requirements, read our blog post on What It’s Really Like to Be A Sperm Donor.

Chances are, you’ll have more than a few questions while you’re preparing to choose the cryobank that is right for your needs, but it’s important that you take the time do you the research and ask all of the questions you have in order to have a truly successful outcome.

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