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Why Men Should Consider Fertility Preservation

Posted on March 1, 2014

Fertility preservation is a hot topic among women these days. However, the conversation doesn’t end with whether or not a young woman should freeze her eggs or leave her future family planning options to chance. Male fertility preservation is becoming an increasingly relevant point of consideration among men. There are many reasons, mostly personal, as to why an individual would choose to take steps in order to preserve their fertility. Unfortunately, some men may not be aware of that this option exists and could end up without many options when they are ready to start or expand their family.

Men who should consider fertility preservation include those who can answer “Yes” to the following questions:

Are you an active member of the military?

If you are an active member of the military, or if you are employed in another form of “high risk” profession, fertility preservation is definitely worth your consideration. Members of the military face a potentially long career of service in which their health and fertility could be at risk. It’s crucial that those who plan on having a family later down the road take the necessary steps to ensure that they will be able to do so when they are ready.

Are you about to undergo treatment for cancer?

A cancer diagnosis is already daunting enough, but when put into perspective, it’s not the only immediate concern. Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy can be harmful to an individual’s fertility. During and after treatment, issues can arise with ejaculation, sperm production, hormone production, and more. Specific types of cancer, such as testicular, can also affect fertility negatively. Besides treatment itself, surgery can also complicate future fertility.

Are you about to have a vasectomy?

Choosing to undergo a vasectomy usually means that a man has decided that he is not going to have children or that he is done having children. However, there are many cases in which couples are both certain that they do not want any more children, but are also open to the idea that it’s better to be safe and preserve future fertility in the event that they change their mind. Other situations can also arise, such as the death of a spouse, a marriage ending, and et cetera. In these cases, prior to the vasectomy, a man would preserve his fertility.

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