June 2021

How Sperm is Impacted by Your Health

When was the last time you took stock of your healthcare goals, including fertility and family planning? Your fertility, aka the quality and quantity of your sperm, is directly linked to your overall health in a few different ways. This isn’t to say that someone leading a healthy lifestyle cannot experience a fertility issue, but if you’re not practicing good health habits and also have a fertility concern there’s a very good chance your doctor will recommend making some changes, either before treatment or in conjunction with. 

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What You Should Look for in a Sperm Bank

A sperm bank is much more than what we see on television – at least it should be. Whether you’re intending to conceive on your own, with a partner who has ovaries, or with a partner whose sperm you can’t use due to health or genetic reasons, family planning contains many components. Making an informed decision for your fertility journey can be a daunting task; however, arming yourself with knowledge will help you in your search for a high-quality sperm bank.

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