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5 Reasons to Choose FCC for Donor Sperm and Cryobanking (for Patients)

Posted on September 1, 2015

We understand that the decision to use a sperm donor to build your family may have come after a long journey - one filled with many important decisions about fertility testing, treatment and third-party reproduction. Making a decision to use a donor isn’t always clear-cut, but now that it’s done, you’ll need to select the right sperm bank to find a donor.

At the Fertility Center of California, we serve patients from around the world who are in need of donor sperm, fertility preservation and infertility care. Since 1993, our facility has contributed to countless happy endings for fertility patients, and here are five reasons why patients choose FCC.

1. We work with known (directed) and unknown sperm donors.

There are two types of sperm donors – either you know the sperm donor because he is a family member or friend who has offered to donate, or you do not know the sperm donor and have found him because you searched a donor database and came across his profile. Many future parents will weigh the decision as to whether they prefer to use a sperm donor they know versus one they don’t, but FCC works with patients in both cases.

2. You can search our sperm donor database for FREE.

Those interested in utilizing the sperm donor database at FCC are able to access donor profiles without charge. Should you find a donor about which you would like to learn more, you can pay a $100 fee for one month’s access to the entire donor profile. Should you have any questions regarding a particular donor profile, we encourage you to contact our office directly so we can assist.

3. We offer an @Home Sperm Freezing Kit.

For male patients facing a recent cancer diagnosis, FCC offers an @Home Sperm Freezing Kit which is delivered to your home (anywhere in the U.S.) so you can create a viable semen sample for long-term storage post-cancer treatment. This kit has also been utilized by male members of the military who wish to preserve their semen prior to deployment. The @Home Sperm Freezing Kit has provided men with an affordable option for fertility preservation that can be completed in the comfort of their own home.

4. We offer long-term storage for embryos and eggs as well.

FCC also offers options for long-term storage of embryos and eggs (oocyte cryopreservation). Embryo cryopreservation is often used in cases where couples have “left over” embryos from a previous IVF cycle and wish to save these for a future pregnancy in order to have a second or third child. Egg freezing is an option which allows women to store their eggs for a time when they are ready to have a child – such as when they’ve completed career or personal goals, or have found the right partner.

5. A range of infertility care services.

Should you require infertility care, FCC is able to provide patients with artificial insemination, semen analysis, gender & sex selection, sperm washing and ICSI services.

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