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How to Research Finding a Sperm Bank

Posted on August 1, 2019

Once you’ve made the decision to use sperm donation to build your family, it’s time to determine where your donor sperm will come from. You don’t necessarily want to choose the first sperm bank you come across or the closest facility to home.

When researching which sperm bank is right for you, these are some important factors that you’ll want to consider.

What Is the Sperm Bank’s History and Reputation?

Likely foremost on your mind during this process is the need to find a sperm donor you trust. However, it’s important to first find a sperm bank that you trust.

Take some time to research how long a given sperm bank has been in business, and get a sense of what its leadership and staff are like. You can get a second opinion by finding reviews online; for example, you can read or watch testimonials from those who have had success with the bank you’re considering. If you have questions about a sperm bank’s process, costs, or history, don’t be afraid to ask.

Most importantly, don’t rush your decision. Compare and contrast multiple banks, and only choose one with which you’re fully comfortable.

What Are the Sperm Bank’s Donors Like?

Another major factor when determining which sperm bank you want to work with is how they choose their donors. Different sperm banks will have different policies about donor identity, whether they only work with anonymous donors, known donors, or offer both.

Any reputable sperm bank will be forthcoming about how they vet their sperm donor candidates. Look into the facility’s criteria for donor age, location, education, and lifestyle. You’ll also want to find out what types of screenings donors are required to undergo, what medical records they’re asked to provide, and what blood tests they take before they’re accepted.

You want your sperm bank to be selective; the lower percentage of donors they take, the more rigorous that sperm bank’s selection process is, resulting in a higher-quality pool of donors.

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